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I am Loretta Monda, and I make your dreams come true!
I understand that financial services are not just about getting a loan but it’s what that loan can achieve – whether that’s educating your children, buying a home, expanding your business, travelling the world, owning a yacht … The list is endless! Your loan is a merely a means to the end goal, your dream.
Only you know what that is, but I can help you get here.
Independent mortgage broker

My Unique Finance Broker Experience

My banking background provides me with inside knowledge of how banks work, and that helps me get the lowest rates and the best terms for my clients’ needs, whether they are looking at personal loans, residential loans or business loans.

I not only understand complex business structures and financials but also stay up to date with banking policy and what is needed to get loans across the line.

I am accredited with the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) which sets the professional standards of its members. We are required to adhere to a range of Code Practices, laws and regulations. MDM Finance Solutions is MFAA accredited and diploma qualified.

My background differs somewhat from that of other finance brokers. As well as graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology, I owned a Retravision store for 15 years and worked for 6 years with ANZ and NAB banks.

This combination of business and banking experience allows me to see inside the business and know what it needs in a way that other financial advisors don’t comprehend.

I have been a finance broker since 2015 which means that I am able to help my clients find loan solutions quickly and ensure that they are confident the loan is right for them.

Understanding My Clients

I love discovering what my clients really want to achieve and creating a loan structure that helps them reach their goals, because I know the difference this has made to my own financial position and dreams, as well as that of my clients.

As a finance broker, I don’t sell ‘cookie cutter’ financial products but I enjoy discovering the best possible solution for each individual loan scenario. I specialise in offering bespoke solutions for every situation.

I connect well with my clients, creating a deep level of confidence and trust which fundamentally leads to great results for them.

My clients are so happy with my service that they are keen to refer me – 90% of MDM Finance Solutions’ business is by word-of-mouth recommendation.

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