Business Loans

Financial partners for your business

Business Loans

Financial partners for your business

Business Loan Broker In Melbourne

At MDM Finance, we have been helping business owners for years to get the right loan for their needs.

Applying for a business loan is straightforward once you have the right steps in place, but you will need to do some advance preparation.

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Know Your Financial Cashflow and Limits

Ask your bookkeeper and accountant for a cash flow statement or prepare your own so
that you know your current income, expenses, net profit and future plans and projections.

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Do you know your limits for repaying the loan?
Do you need the money up-front or on a needs basis?
What’s the maximum you can afford to repay?
Do you know what your loan to value (LVR) ratio is?
What assets can you offer as collateral?
Do you need a guarantor and who will that be?
How much equity have you got?
What is the maximum percentage share of your business would you be willing to offer investors?

What Type Of Business Loan Do You Need?

There are many business loans available for different situations. Here are the most common:

Loan Commercial Bill

Short-term fixed sum advance

Overdraft Facility

Attached to your business account

Line of Credit

Draw on an account balance up to an approved limit

Fully Drawn Advance

For long-term investments


Variable amounts, interest rates, rate type, fees, periods to pay off

Deposit and Lease

Rent to buy, commercial hire purchase, chattel mortgage options


Outstanding invoices bought by a factoring company at a discount, who chase up your debts

Invoice Finance

Similar to factoring except you keep your invoices.
Each loan type will attract different tax and GST requirements. You may be eligible for a discount from some institutions if you are an existing customer, or there may be more flexible terms somewhere else.

MDM Finance can sort out the most appropriate ones for your business needs. We can alert you to the costs, interest payments and any hidden charges or T&Cs.

What You Will Need To Present To The Lender

Lenders lend to competent, professional business owners. If you compile your documentation into a report that gives your lender a good overview of your finances, you will give yourself a better chance of getting that loan.

All lenders will wish to see the following documents:
Proof of identity
Your business plan
Financial reports for the last 3 years
Financial projections
Ratio calculations
Personal financial information.
At MDM Finance, we can navigate you through the ocean of preparing a business loan application.
We partner with you to sort out your documentation and will search out the best loan for your circumstances.

Call us today if you are enthusiastic towards advancing your business!

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